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Арт Галерия - Томов. Картини за колекционери.

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Общи условия за ползване на уеб сайта

Using this website you agree the following conditions:
  • The users of don't have the rights to distribute, change(edit), copy (except of uncommercial purposes), deliver, publish, reproduct, transfer, sell or any other way using the contents of the web site without the explicit agree of Art Gallery - "Tomov".

  • It is prohibbited to use the web site and the email addresses of Art gallery - "Tomov" for sending or forwarding of any contents with illegal, threatening, untruly, misleaded, outraging, callumnious, vulgarity, scandalous, pornographic any other contents encouraging any illegal actions. Art gallery - "Tomov" will fully cooperate any law giving institution if needed.


  • It is prohibbited using the web site for any commercial purpose without the explicit agree of Art Gallery - "Tomov".

  • Art Gallery - "Tomov" has the right to add, change or delete information, contents, prices, images, articles or art products in its own opinion without any preliminary warning.

  • The whole content it's managed and changed and it has no warranty of made mistakes.

  • You use the site at your own risk.

  • The users have the responsibility for storing the information about their usernames and passwords so as for any actions linked with them.

  • The users are obliged to submit trully and fully the asked personal content and they will be answerable for any actions done by the service of the web site

  • The users have the right to demand removing their personal information, but this includes deleting their username and password. For this purpose they must proof that they are the registred person and send the whole information filled in the registration form.



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